Serum prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGFM) and oxytocin levels correlate with sonographic changes in the cervix in patients with preterm labor

N. Vavra, W. Eppel, P. Sevelda, R. Fitz, A. R. Fuchs, F. Fuchs and P. Husslein


This is a study on the correlation of maternal serum oxytocin and prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGFM) levels with sonographically measurable changes in the cervix and the internal cervical os in patients with preterm labor. Oxytocin levels significantly correlate (P=0.03) with the width of the internal os and the PGFM values significantly correlate with the length of the cervix (P=0.008). An increase in the oxytocin level resulted in a measurable widening of the internal os and an increase in the prostaglandin level resulted in a measurable shortening of the cervix.

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