The value of adjuvant irradiation in patients with cervical carcinoma in histopathological stage Ib and negative lymph nodes

N Vavra; H Kucera; U Denison; H Salzer; M Schemper; P Sevelda

Universitätsklinik für Frauenheilkunde Wien, Abteilung für Spezielle Gynäkologie, Wien, Österreich



MedLine Citation:

PMID: 1925933
Owner: NLM


The present retrospective study attempts to evaluate the significance of adjuvant radiotherapy as a prognostic factor for stage Ib cervical carcinoma without lymph node metastases in addition to factors such as age, histological type, histological grading and tumor size. Between 1975 and 1987 224 patients were operated at our department or referred to postoperative radiotherapy and fulfilled the inclusion criteria: histopathological stage Ib, radical hysterectomy with pelvic lymphadenectomy and negative pelvic lymph nodes. The multivariate analysis confirmed that tumor size (tumor infiltration of the cervix greater than 2/3 vs less than 2/3: RR = 4.48) and histological grading (G3 vs G1 + G2: RR = 3.12) are significant prognostic parameters for survival. Postoperative adjuvant irradiation is a marginal significant factor for survival in stage Ib cervical carcinoma and negative nodes (RR = 3.22; p = 0.057). For women with negative nodes but high-risk prognostic factors in the cervix, a prospective randomized trial proving the value of postoperative irradiation would be of therapeutic interest.

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